"The Secret Of Success" Is In "The Avenue Of Approach" Projected Career Path Planning; Is The Avenue Of Approach. Actually It's Your Career Path Profile. It's Your Salary Your Job Titled Description: As It May Exist Now In Your Current, Previous Or Future Position - (PCPP) Projected Career Path Plan. Notes - Set Goals & Values (+/-) Per Each Element Below: Prioritize To Realize Success (13) Career Profile Elements As Follows: Money, Title, Experience, Education Duties, Responsibilities, Authorities Organization, Environment, Location Opportunities, Benefits, Goals You Make The Choices On Past, Present Job Descriptions Priorities: Establish Your Priorities, Job Market Needs, The Best Compatibility, Personality Fit. @WWalkerWW - Associates WorldWide HQgts IM-SI.Org IM-SI.Us IM-SI.Net IM-SI.COM William (Bill) Walker USMC-1969 MOS #4034 C.S.& S.E. Quantico, VA Computer Scienc

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